"Anna laughs, at herself and at what life throws at her. She inspires her students to do so as well. 

Anna ... empathetic, soothing, gentle in her corrections; leads a spiritually-based class ... more about where a person is physically, emotionally, than strictly focused on form. What works best for her students in the moment. Perfect attitude for a retreat that involves people of multiple abilities, knowledge, and personal reasons for being there. Best of all: Anna laughs, at herself and what life throws her. She inspires her students to do so as well." 

- Antonio L. 


"I loved Anna H.!!

Anna showed and taught me how to be spiritual in my Yoga practice. Before I was only doing it, and rarely, because I viewed it as just a fitness exercise option."

- Pascale R.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Anna as a yoga teacher.  I loved her method and thought she gave great direction.  She had a wonderful attitude that carried throughout the retreat beyond her yoga class.  She was very in touch with the needs of the guests and a true pleasure to be around.  I would definitely recommend her!

- Rachel M. 

This instructor was simply amazing and I cannot wait to attend her next retreat.

- Melissa R.